Servcarros - Comercialização, Importação e Exportação de Veículos e Peças Lda, appeared in 1996 and is located in the parish of Palmeira de Faro, Esposende municipality. A company dedicated to the sale of automotive components, Servcarros' activity area is essentially based on the purchase and retail sale of multi-brand auto components. Later, in accordance with the law in force and due to a constant concern for the environment, we licensed ourselves as a center for scrapping end-of-life vehicles (ELV).

With over 20 years of existence, Servcarros is based on two essential pillars that result in perfection: employees and customers.

These are values ​​such as quality, transparency, ethics, commitment, integrity, efficiency, objectivity, collaboration, respect, teamwork and sustainability that give service to our existence.

Our facilities, comprising a total area of ​​about 16000m2, subdivided into an interior and exterior area, are properly divided into sectors, the interior part of which consists of administration, customer service, material on shelves (duly identified) ), vehicle park and depollution area and the outer part only by vehicle park and deposition area for metallic and non-metallic waste, and in both vehicle parks, they are duly cleaned.

All vehicles, without exception, are depolluted in the Depollution Zone, with specific dismantling and depollution equipment for that purpose.

We strive to provide the customer with a quality product, through our partnerships with suppliers in Spain, France and Sweden, thus having a wide range of parts and accessories from all car brands.

At Servcarros you can purchase the used parts for your car with quality and at a reduced price.


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