Terms and Conditions

The management of SERVCARROS, Lda. presents the best regards, thanking you in advance for your attention and understanding.

The present general conditions define the rules for the participation of individuals or entities, and stipulate the terms and conditions under which the SERVCARROS, Lda service is provided. The provision of SERVCARROS, Lda. service is dependent on full acceptance of these general conditions, so any user who does not agree or does not commit to behave in accordance with these general conditions will not be able to use the said service. The interpretation of these general conditions is the exclusive responsibility of SERVCARROS, Lda., Which reserves the right to modify them at any time.

SERVCARROS, Lda .. by having a website in order to promote and publicize the sale of its parts and accessories for motor vehicles, it offers an online service that provides customers with the possibility to make their purchases quickly, safely and more conveniently.
Access and use of the website are free, however, SERVCARROS, Lda. As the owner of the website, may, at any time, prohibit its access to third parties, namely for the purposes of repair or maintenance. Additionally, SERVCARROS, Lda. Will have the right to terminate it at any time should any circumstances occur that, in its opinion, justify it.

Intellectual Property Rights

SERVCARROS, Lda. owns the copyright on all texts, drawings, images, graphics and other content that are available on the site.
Users are not allowed to reproduce, copy, change, sell or use these elements without obtaining in writing the necessary authorization from SERVCARROS, Lda .. The present general conditions specified below (hereinafter referred to as “general conditions”) exclusively determine the contractual relationships between every customer using the www.servcarros.pt website and SERVCARROS, Lda., Owner and responsible as the entity for the management of the referred website, with its headquarters at Rua das Feiticeiras nº 758 - 4740-591 - Esposende - Portugal and tax number PT 503 622 680.
The general conditions of sale are the only ones to be applied and replace all other conditions, except by prior agreement, express and in writing, or in case of omission in these conditions, Portuguese legislation is applied. SERVCARROS, Lda. May occasionally modify certain provisions of its general conditions, and for such modification to be effective, it must be re-read on each visit on the website www.servcarros.pt.
We consider that when the order is validated, the customer is automatically accepting our general conditions of sale. Using the website, the client undertakes to respect the general conditions as well as the Conditions of Use, which were signed in compliance with the provisions of Decree-Law no. 143/2001, of 26 April, with the changes introduced by the Decree-Law No. 82/2008, of 20 May, as well as Decree-Law No. 7/2004 of 7 January, with the changes introduced by Decree-Law No. 62/2009, of 10 March.

You can make your purchase through the following channels:

  • SITE - add the desired parts (s) to the shopping cart and proceed with your purchase;
  • Email- can't find the desired part on our website? Send an email with your order;
  • Telephone - through 253969120 - our employees will be able to help you;
  • Face-to-face - you can visit us at our facilities.

Products are sold on the Internet, more precisely on the website www.servcarros.pt.

We offer all kinds of used auto parts from all brands.

You can search by part, brand, model or even by part reference. & nbsp;

You can place your orders through our "shopping cart".

Search in the various options available for the part you want by name and / or reference. After selecting the desired part you must add it to the "shopping cart". You can repeat this operation as many times as necessary until you complete your purchases. All part selections remain in the "shopping cart" until the order is completed.

To finalize the order you must fill in all the mandatory fields related to the data for invoicing and shipping, otherwise the order will not be completed.

Once completed, the customer will receive an order confirmation email, as well as information about the order (total amount, payment method and later, shipping status).

SERVCARROS, Lda., reserves the right to cancel or refuse the order of a product by a customer with whom there is a dispute regarding the payment of a previous order or your data is missing with the truth of identity.

SERVCARROS, Lda., undertakes to accept the order and sale of the product under the terms of the present general conditions of sale.

The customer declares that he has become aware of and accepted these general sales conditions before completing his order. It is assumed that the completion of the order for a product corresponds to the acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale.

Unless proven otherwise, the data recorded by SERVCARROS, Lda .. constitutes proof of all transactions carried out by SERVCARROS, Lda. and respective customers.

Our website allows the customer to quickly consult the available stock with access to the most important information for each piece.

The products published on the website are in compliance with the legislation in force at the date of such disclosure and with the applicable rules.

SERVCARROS, Lda. will ensure that the photographic images of the products faithfully represent the items offered for sale. Each product is accompanied by a detailed and accurate description that allows to know its main characteristics. Regarding the technical data sheets and descriptions of our products, SERVCARROS, Lda. Declines any responsibility regarding the validity of their content.

Despite the daily update of the site, you should contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.

The prices of the products disclosed are expressed in euros with taxes and fees included. The value of the prices indicated excludes, however, the amount to be borne by the customer with the shipping costs of the ordered product (delivery charges), the amount of which will be indicated at the time of the final validation of the order. If the price is "on request" do not hesitate to contact us to request the price, or even other information you wish to clarify.

The offer of products, as well as the corresponding prices for them, is valid as long as they are accessible on the website, given the availability of stock verified at the date of the order.

All available stock has immediate delivery, however, there may exceptionally be errors or changes regarding such information. SERVCARROS, Lda. Constantly tries to ensure that the information provided is true.

After placing the order, in case of product unavailability, the customer will be informed by email or telephone. The order may be canceled, partially delivered or another item identical to the one ordered may be proposed.

In this case, the customer will be refunded the full amount of his order or part of it, within a maximum period of 30 days after the knowledge of the unavailability on the part of SERVCARROS, Lda ..

The refund will be made using the same payment method used.

From the completion of the order to the good collection of the price of the value of the same, the product is the property of SERVCARROS, Lda.

You can place your orders by phone with the help of one of our employees, they will certainly answer all your questions.

Available payment methods:

  • MB - Multibanco Reference - you can pay using the ATM or through homebanking.
  • BANK TRANSFER - to IBAN: PT50 0035 0288 0001 767 & nbsp; 853 01 0. In this case, you must always send proof of bank transfer to the email geral@servcarros.pt.
    In order to optimize security, all of your purchase transactions are carried out within the scope of the responsibility of the user customer and SIBS (www.sibs.pt). This means that your bank details do not circulate on the Internet and never reach the SERVCARROS, Lda .. website. The order in this payment method is only sent after good collection of the amount in question.
  • MBWAY - if you select this payment method you will receive a payment confirmation request for your order later on your phone.
  • PAYPAL - if you select this payment method you will be automatically redirected to the Paypal page to complete the payment.

It is always advisable to keep proof of payment, at least until you get confirmation of your order, or if there are any unforeseen events that we are unaware of.

Secure Payment

Payment for purchased products and shipping charges must be made by the customer at the time of order confirmation using the data provided.
In compliance with our commitments on security of payments, we inform you that SERVCARROS, Lda. Verifies the reliability of the information given when registering an order.
Thus, SERVCARROS, Lda. Has established a verification procedure in order to prevent all fraudulent use of a member's bank details. Within the scope of this procedure, SERVCARROS, Lda., Reserves the right to ask the customer for proof of the operation carried out.
The order cannot be shipped before receiving and verifying the documents sent. The requested documents must be sent within six working days after being requested.
SERVCARROS, Lda. Reserves the right to cancel the order if it has not received the documents or if it receives non-compliant documents.

Credit and Debit Cards

Payment with credit or debit cards is subject to the following conditions:

  • Credit card payments follow the contract entered into by the customer with the card issuing institution or account manager.
  • The customer must pay with an identified card and validation data (pin), in the case of cards without validation data, the responsibility is of the cardholder.
  • When paying by Multibanco, the customer will have a time limit of 24H to effect payment on a Multibanco platform or on their homebanking on the internet.

Orders placed that are awaiting payment are in Non-Reservation mode. You must then make the payment as soon as possible, in order to guarantee your product (s).

If payment is not made within the stipulated period, SERVCARROS, Lda. reserves the right to cancel orders.
At no time does SERVCARROS, Lda. Have responsibility for the option / use of the payment method.

SERVCARROS, Lda. sends its products practically all over the world.
If the destination country is not on the list of countries, you should send an email to geral@servcarros.pt with the desired part, postal code of destination, locality and country.
You will receive, as quickly as possible, the applicable shipping costs according to the product and shipping address provided.
Orders with payments made until 12 noon are usually processed on the same day.

We ship with the following carriers:

  • TNT;

Shipments are carried out by carriers, and the responsibility for meeting deadlines and damage to the goods is entirely their responsibility.
The transit time for each product is indicated in the tables presented when choosing the carrier. Servcarros, Lda. Is not responsible for carrier delays, although it tries to minimize possible delays that may happen.
The date indicated for the delivery is purely indicative and may not be contractually performed since the delivery of orders depends on the transport companies, and other external factors, which do not depend on Servcarros Lda.
Products are sent to the address indicated by the customer at the time of purchase. In order to optimize your delivery as much as possible, it is mandatory for the customer to indicate the full address to which the order must be sent, which may differ from the billing address.
SERVCARROS, Lda. Reserves the right to split the shipment. The participation in the management and delivery costs will be billed in a single shipment.
SERVCARROS, Lda. Assumes no responsibility for the consequences of delays in delivery by the contracted carrier. The customer must always follow up on the shipment of the order using the data provided to him at the time of shipment.

The expeditions are made from Monday to Friday inclusive.
Each order is assigned a number that is available in the customer area, called an order number. You can contact us, by email or by phone, and check the status of your order using the number associated with your order.
Shipping via carrier has an additional cost, the customer being informed of it before the purchase is validated. The total amount already includes the shipping cost.

The calculation of shipping costs depends on the following factors:

  • Place to send;
  • Actual or volumetric weight of the order; & nbsp;
  • Carrier tariffs (which may undergo periodic updates);
  • Logistics and packaging costs.

The customer can choose to pick up the order at our physical store, and there will be no charge for logistics and transportation costs.

You also have the possibility to send a carrier of your choice to collect from our facilities. In that case, you should always indicate the carrier that will carry out the collection, as well as the collection period (morning or afternoon). In this type of orders, a fee will be charged for the logistics costs of the order, which will be presented before the order is finalized. These orders are also subject to confirmation / acceptance of the collection period chosen by the customer by Servcarros Lda.

In case of delay or non-receipt of the order, the customer must inform Servcarros Lda., so that it can proceed immediately with the determination of the situation and location of the same. This communication must be made by the means available on the website.
In the event of the impossibility of delivery due to an incorrect address, the customer is immediately alerted by email or telephone call. In the event that the customer does not respond, within 48 hours, SERVCARROS, Lda. Reserves the right to cancel the order, the shipping costs will not be refunded.
The right of withdrawal remains valid in cases of technical problems that are detected by the customer after delivery and in accordance with the terms provided by law.

What to do at the time of delivery:

  • Check that the packaging is in perfect condition and without visible damage. If so, accept delivery.
  • If the goods show visible damage to the packaging, if you wish to accept them in this way, please indicate in the carrier's acceptance document “goods accepted with damage”.
  • If you find that the packaging is severely damaged or tampered with, you must refuse it and immediately inform SERVCARROS, Lda .. You must indicate to the carrier's employee "Order refused for transport damage".
  • In order for us to activate the insurance for the transport of the goods, the references previously mentioned in the order receipt document are mandatory, only in this way can we hold the carrier responsible for the damages caused to your order.
  • The occurrence of damage in transportation must be reported to SERVCARROS, Lda. within a maximum of 24 hours after receipt of the order;
  • Once the package is delivered by the carrier, SERVCARROS, Lda. is not responsible for any problems arising from transport. Please note that SERVCARROS, Lda. Will be obliged to refuse any request for refund or replacement (right of withdrawal) for products that have external defects that have been accepted at the time of delivery.

SERVCARROS, Lda. apologizes for the inconvenience caused, but these measures must be taken in order to protect the customer from possible fraud.

SERVCARROS, Lda. it is increasingly concerned with the quality of its products and services. Thus, we are concerned with your satisfaction, and for that reason, we are pleased to present the rules for exchanging and returning products, which are under the right of free resolution.
The customer should be aware that all products sold by SERVCARROS, Lda .. are used parts.
The customer has the right to exchange and / or return the product for any withdrawal, defect or non-compliance.

For this it is important that you respect the following conditions:

If you are dissatisfied with any product of your purchase, or if you just want to exchange / return, you have a maximum period of 14 days to proceed with your claim / exchange / return, from the date of receipt of your order, under the terms of the right of free resolution, provided for in Decree-Law No. 24/2014, of 14 February.
After a complaint, an investigation process is initiated to check whether the product is in fact damaged or not in accordance with the provisions of the proposals, thus confirming whether there is a right to guarantee.

The products sold by SERVCARROS, Lda. are duly identified by their own brands and recordings. Such marks and recordings cannot be eliminated and / or manipulated.

Exchanges and / or returns will not be accepted if these marks and recordings, as well as the product itself has been violated and / or tampered with.

The invoice is the proof for any claim, so it must be kept by the customer to exercise their rights.

The return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer, regardless of the underlying reason.

In case of return or exchange, SERVCARROS, Lda. will only assume shipping costs if the items are actually different from the ones purchased.

The Client must always check if the product he is buying is suitable for his needs, if not, SERVCARROS, Lda. will not be responsible or bear any costs that may result, so the client may have to bear a minimum of € 10 to a maximum of € 50 as packaging, handling and logistics management costs.

If the product does not comply with the description presented and / or as specified in the sales invoice, the customer must request a return within 14 days, informing SERVCARROS, Lda. of the problem. You can do it in person at our facilities, by phone through our telephone number 253969120, or by email to geral@servcarros.pt. In this case, you must send photographs of the product as well as a description of the problem.

The entire process of exchanging the product or refunding the value will only begin after receipt and verification of the conditions of the same by SERVCARROS, Lda ..

If for any reason it is not possible to make an exchange, the value of the part will be refunded to you.

After the return authorization, the customer must send the product to the following address:
SERVCARROS, Lda. Rua das Feiticeiras, N. 7584740-591 - Esposende - Portugal

In the event of conditions for exchange or return of the product, SERVCARROS, Lda. will exchange it for a new product, which will be sent, or refund the amount paid within a maximum period of 14 days from the date of arrival of the claimed product.

The amount is refunded by bank transfer, paypal or by issuing a check in accordance with the data contained in the invoice issued.

It is necessary to return the non-compliant product.

SERVCARROS, Lda. sends, if available, a product with identical characteristics and equivalent price, as long as agreed with the customer.

The termination of the contract and the resulting refund will occur if none of the above options is possible.

If the error results from SERVCARROS, Lda. the procedure will be the same as for a Non-Conforming Product.

If the error results from the customer, SERVCARROS, Lda. reserves the right to issue an invoice, with a minimum value of € 10 and a maximum of € 50 in terms of packaging, handling and logistics costs.

SERVCARROS, Lda. Reserves the right not to accept products when:

  • The return intention has not been communicated under the terms previously indicated;
  • Do not comply with the conditions mentioned above;
  • Not sent to our facilities (it is necessary to make a survey of the order at a collection point);
  • Forwarded to collection;
  • Damaged in return shipping.

Presentation of the product purchase invoice.

The product must be delivered in the same condition as it was sold without damage or signs of use and in perfect working condition, packaged in the respective packaging and accompanied by all its accessories.

Return process in case of free resolution:

A. In order to return an order and being on time, namely within 14 days, counting from the day of receipt, you must communicate your intention to do so in writing, via email to geral@servcarros.pt.
B. Returns of products that have been removed from the warranty and tamper-proof seal, or that have been manipulated are not accepted. C. The return will be to our headquarters, with the same address from where the article was sent. The order must be wrapped and packed in the best possible conditions so as not to suffer any damage in transport, the customer will fully bear the costs inherent in the transport of the goods. That is, the products must be returned in their original and complete condition, packaged in the same way as they were shipped.
D. The return must perfectly identify the sender / customer (outside the package) and the order number and / or invoice (inside the order). We do not accept returns where it is not possible to identify the customer outside the packaging.
E. SERVCARROS, Lda. It may, in some cases, provide a return form.

The following contracts are excluded from the Right of Free Resolution, within the 14 days indicated:
Supply of goods Prepared according to the Client's specifications or clearly customized; that is, plating cuts, cutting installations / plugs / cables or disassembled articles for that isolated act, as these will not serve any other customer.

In the event of receiving damaged items or with technical problems, SERVCARROS, Lda. will schedule their collection at the location you indicate, in the same shipping area as the original order, without any charges to the Customer. This collection will be scheduled and communicated to the customer, and will be made only once. If this is not achieved, for any reason unrelated to Servcarros Lda., It will be the customer who must return the product, assuming these same costs.

SERVCARROS, Lda. reserves the right not to accept articles that do not comply with the return conditions.

The refund will only be made after receiving and verifying the condition of the product.

In case of termination of the contract, the payment made, including delivery costs, will be refunded to the Client, with the exception of the additional costs resulting from the possible choice of a shipping method different from the less expensive mode of normal shipping offered by SERVCARROS, Lda., Without undue delay and in any case, no later than 14 (fourteen) days after the date on which SERVCARROS, Lda. Is informed of the Client's decision to terminate this contract.

In order to speed up the refund process, in the case of amounts paid by Credit Card and ATM, the refund will be made by bank transfer, after indicating the NIB / IBAN.
If the customer wants another form of reimbursement, he must, for that purpose, contact SERVCARROS Lda., Within a maximum period of 7 (seven) days from the date on which SERVCARROS, Lda. Was informed of his decision of resolution of the contract.
SERVCARROS, Lda. Informs you that it will retain the refund until you have received the returned goods.
Under the terms of Decree-Law no. 7/2004 of 7 January (with the changes conferred by Decree-Law no. 62/2009, of 10 March and Law no. 46/2012, of 29 de Agosto), regarding electronic commerce, SERVCARROS, Lda. reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the order whenever there is a programming error, malfunction of the SERVCARROS, Lda computers, as well as when the contract proposal arrives distorted to its destination and the error concerns an essential element of the contract. It is the customer's responsibility to provide the correct identification data, mobile phone number and email, in order to comply with these conditions, and SERVCARROS, Lda. Is exempt from liability in case of incorrect indication of the data relating to mobile phone number and email.

SERVCARROS, Lda. offers warranty on all its products, provided the parts are assembled in workshops regulated by law.

If failures or errors occur during the warranty period, you must notify and deliver the goods subject to warranty to SERVCARROS, Lda. to evaluate the product (s) and make changes if necessary or return them.
Labor and replacement vehicles are absolutely excluded from the warranty in all cases.

This guarantee excludes from exchanges and returns all situations that prove to result, among others, from:

  • Improper handling, inappropriate use, negligence, overload, current instability, climbs defective tension, installation or assembly, and other external causes that are not attributable to the manufacture and quality of the part;
  • Damage caused by ruptures, blows or negligent care;
  • Normal wear of the product, as long as it is within the expected levels;
  • All situations that are detected as fraud attempts;
  • Violation of marks and recordings;
  • The repair (s) or installation (s) of parts carried out by unqualified personnel;
  • Consumables and wearing parts;
  • Damage due to transport (not reported within 24 hours of receiving the order);
  • Damage or paint defects, once the material is used;
  • In cases where the parts require installation and / or special adaptations, the codings must be previously considered by the customer before purchase;
  • Failure to clean the circuit using suitable equipment and liquids;
  • For the guarantee to be effective, it is necessary to prove the replacement of the timing belt, otherwise it excludes the guarantee;
  • Heating and overheating of the engine due to causes unrelated to it;
  • The inappropriate use of oils and other fluids;
  • Defects or damage described before purchasing the item;
  • Any accessory element or part that, as a courtesy, has been sent.

In the case of a part that is still covered by the warranty period, SERVCARROS Lda. will replace it with an equivalent part, available in stock and at the same price.

If the part is unique, Servcarros Lda. can propose a repair agreement or issue a full refund.

The products are duly identified by their own brands and engravings for the correct identification of their origin, in case they have to be returned. Such marks and engravings cannot be manipulated, otherwise the articles will lose their warranty.

The Customer can submit complaints to the Site by filling in the form on the contact page or by sending an email to the email address or a letter to the Supplier's postal address shown on that page or that he makes available by another means. Complaints submitted are dealt with in chronological order of check-in. & nbsp;

The Client may also use a consumer dispute arbitration center applicable to the activity sector of the Site, by consulting the consumer dispute arbitration centers that exist in Portugal on the website of the National Consumer Conflict Information Center available at www.arbitragemdeconsumo.org.

Centro de Informação, Mediação e Arbitragem de Consumo (Tribunal Arbitral de Consumo)
Contratos celebrados nos municípios de Amares, Arcos de Valdevez, Barcelos, Braga, Caminha, Esposende, Melgaço, Monção, Montalegre, Paredes de Coura, Ponte da Barca, Póvoa do Lanhoso, Terras do Bouro, Valença, Viana do Castelo, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Vieira do Minho, Vila Verde e Viana do Castelo.
Rua D Afonso Henriques, nº 1 (Ed Junta de Freguesia da Sé) 4700 – 030 BRAGA
Tel: 253 617 604 / Fax: 253 617 605
E-mail: geral@ciab.pt
Av Rocha Paris, nº 103 (Edifício Vila Rosa) 4900 – 394 VIANA DO CASTELO
Tel: 258 809 335 / Fax: 258 809 389
E-mail: ciab.viana@cm-viana-castelo.pt/ Web: www.ciab.pt

The online out-of-court dispute resolution platform is also operational at www.ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/, which is available for consumers to settle disputes over contractual obligations resulting from contracts out of court. online sales or services, namely sales or services contracts that the trader or his intermediary offers, on a website or through other electronic means, goods or services that the consumer orders on the same website or through other electronic means.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the user undertakes to:

  • Provide and maintain true, complete and up-to-date identification data;
  • Adopt only behaviors that do not violate the current legal order or that harm, in any way, legally protected positions;
  • Comply with all obligations arising from the purchase of parts communicated through SERVCARROS Lda .;
  • Take full and exclusive responsibility for the accuracy of the ad data and its suitability for the ad content.

Thinking of you and because we always want to improve and innovate, your opinion is very important to us. Therefore, if you have any suggestions or if for some reason you were not satisfied with our services, we would appreciate that you let us know about the situation, either by telephone (253 969 120) or by email (general@servcarros.pt).