CUSTOMERS is increasingly concerned about the quality of its products and services. In this way we care about your satisfaction, and for this, we are pleased to present the rules for exchanges and returns of products in order to avoid mistakes.
The customer should be aware that all products sold by SERVCARROS, Lda. are used parts.

The customer has the right to exchange and / or return the product for any withdrawal, defect or non-conformity. But for this it is important that you respect the following conditions.
If you are dissatisfied with any product of your purchase, or if you just wish to exchange / return, you have 8 business days to submit your claim / exchange / return.
After complaint, an investigation is begun to verify if the product is in fact damaged or discordant with the established in the proposals, thus confirming if there is a right to guarantee.
The products marketed by SERVCARROS, Lda. are properly identified by their own brands and recordings. Such marks and recordings may not be discarded and / or tampered with.
We do not make exchanges and / or returns if the marks and recordings, as well as the product has been violated and / or adulterated.
The invoice is your proof for any claim, so it must be kept by the customer to exercise their rights.
Shipping costs with return are the responsibility of the customer regardless of the underlying reason; so they will always be charged to the same, and there is no refund.
- In case of return or exchange, SERVCARROS, Lda. will only assume the costs of resubmission if the articles are different from those actually purchased.
- The Customer must always verify that the product he is buying is appropriate to his needs; if it is not and the same is due to the one, SERVCARROS, Lda. will not be responsible or bear any costs that may arise, so the customer will have to bear a minimum of € 10 to a maximum of € 50 as packing, handling and logistics costs.
-If the product does not comply with the description presented and / or as specified in the sales invoice, the customer must request the return within 8 working days, informing SERVCARROS, Lda. in person at our premises or by telephone at the telephone contact 253969120, in which case send photographs of the product (as well as, description of the problem) by email to;
- All the process of exchange of the product or restitution of the value of the same will only be initiated after the reception and investigation of the conditions of the same, by SERVCARROS, Lda .;
- If for any reason it is not possible to make a change, the value of the piece will be refunded;
- After authorization of return the customer must send the product to the following address:

Rua das Feiticeiras, N. 758
4740-591 - Esposende - Portugal

- In case of conditions for exchange or return of the product, SERVCARROS, Lda. will exchange the product for a new product, send the customer a new product or return the amount paid, from the date of arrival of the product claimed.
- The refund of the amount is made by issuing a check in accordance with the data on the invoice issued or by bank transfer.

Product Not Conformed
-The return of the nonconforming product is required;
FURNITURE sends, if there is in stock, a product with characteristics, equal or similar purposes and equivalent price, provided that agreed with the customer;
- Termination of the contract and consequent reimbursement will occur if none of the above options is possible.

Product Badly identified
-If the error results from SERVCARROS, Lda. the procedure will be the same as the Nonconforming Product.
-If the error results from the customer, SERVCARROS, Lda. reserves the right to issue an invoice, at a minimum of € 10 to a maximum of € 50 as packing, handling and logistics costs.

A SERVCARROS, LDA. reserves the right not to accept the products when:
- The intention to return has not been communicated in the aforementioned terms;
- they do not meet the above conditions;
- Resubmitted to collection;
- Damaged in return shipping.


A SERVCARROS, LDA. offers warranty on all its products, as long as the assembly of the parts is carried out in workshops regulated by law.
If failures or errors occur during the warranty period, you must notify and deliver the goods subject to warranty to SERVCARROS, Lda. for evaluation of the product (s) and to make changes if necessary or to return them.
The labor and replacement vehicles are absolutely excluded from the guarantee in all cases.

Excluded from this guarantee, exchanges and returns are all situations that prove to result, inter alia, from:
- Improper handling, misuse, neglect, overload, current instability, voltage surges, defective installation or assembly, and other external causes that are not attributable to the manufacture and quality of the part;
- Damage caused by breakages, scams or negligent care;
- Normal wear of the product, provided that within the expected levels;
- All situations that are detected as attempted fraud;
- Breach of trademarks and recordings;
- The repair (s) or installation (s) of parts carried out by non-qualified personnel;
- Consumables and wear parts;
- Damage due to transport (not communicated within 24 hours of receipt of the order);
- Damage or defects in paint, since the material used;
- In cases where the parts need to be installed and / or special adaptations, the codings must be previously considered by the customer before the purchase;
- Do not clean the circuit using suitable equipment and liquids;
- To ensure the effectiveness of the guarantee, it is necessary to check the replacement of the timing belt, otherwise it excludes the warranty;
-The heating and overheating of the engine due to causes other than this;
-Inadequate use of oils and other fluids.


By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the user undertakes to:
-Provide and maintain true, complete and up-to-date identification data;
- Adopt only conduct that does not infringe the existing legal system or which, in any way, legally protected positions
- To fulfill all obligations arising from the purchase of parts communicated through SERVCARROS, Lda.
- Assume full and exclusive responsibility for the accuracy of the ad data and its suitability for the ad content.


CUSTOMERS values ​​the privacy of its customers and in this sense commits itself to respect it, guaranteeing the secrecy and protection of the data registered by the users, ensuring the respect for the commercial secrecy.
The privacy policy adopted by SERVCARROS, Lda. is intended to provide customers with security and privacy conditions, and only the data required for the provision of the service are requested and collected, according to the explicit indications on the website.
The collection of customer identification data will be done by completing an online registration form and will occur according to the strictest security rules.
The information collected is used by SERVCARROS, Lda. to enable the provision of the service in order to allow the communication of the intentions of purchase of automobile parts and for the issuance of proof of payment.
In addition, SERVCARROS, Lda. may provide the personal data to the competent legal entities in cases in which such data are requested by these entities following investigations into illegal, fraudulent activities, infringement of industrial or intellectual property rights.
CUSTOMERS assumes the following commitments with clients:
-To process data in a lawful and fair manner, collecting only the necessary information;
- Keep accurate and, if necessary, current data;
-Possue security mechanisms that prevent the consultation, modification, destruction or addition of data by unauthorized person to do so.


These General Conditions of Use are subject to Portuguese Law.

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