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These General Conditions define the rules for the participation of individuals or entities, and stipulate the terms and conditions under which SERVCARROS, Lda's service is provided.
The rendering of the service of SERVCARROS, Lda. is dependent on the full acceptance of these General Conditions, so any user who does not agree or does not undertake to behave according to these will not be able to use said service.
The interpretation of these General Conditions is the exclusive competence of SERVCARROS, Lda. to which it reserves the right to modify them at any time. 

General Terms of Use

CUSTOMERS by having an internet site with the purpose of promoting and publicizing the sale of its parts and accessories for motor vehicles, provides an online service that gives customers the possibility to make their purchases in a quick and comfortable way.
Access and use of the site are free;
CUSTOMERS reserves the right to temporarily suspend the site for technical reasons, or for reasons beyond its control.



You can make your purchase in the following ways:
- Through the site;
- Email;
- Telephone;
- Presential.



We offer all kinds of parts from all brands.
You can search by piece, make, model or even by part reference.
All available stock has immediate delivery.
Despite the daily update of the site, you should contact us if you can not find what you are looking for.

Prices on Consultation

Our website allows the customer to quickly consult the available stock with access to the most important information of each piece.
If the price is "under consultation" do not hesitate to contact us.


Orders Online

You can place your orders through our "shopping cart".
Search the various options available for the part you want by name and / or reference.
After selecting the part you want, you must add it to the "shopping cart".
You can repeat this operation as many times as necessary until you complete your purchases. All parts selections remain in the "shopping cart" until the order is finalized.
To finalize the order, you must fill in all the required fields related to the data for billing and shipping, otherwise the order will not be completed.
Once completed, the customer will receive a confirmation email, as well as information about the order (total value, payment method and later, shipping status).

Orders by Phone

You can place your orders by phone with the help of one of our employees, they will certainly answer all your questions.


After receiving the information of the total amount to be settled, the client can choose the following methods of payment:
-Referencia Multibanco through ATM box or through homebanking;
-Debit or Credit card of the VISA or Mastercard network;
-Bank Transfer to the IBAN: PT50 0035 0288 0001 767 853 01 0;
At the time of purchase the customer is informed of the Entity / Reference / Amount and has 24 hours to proceed with payment.
If you do it by bank transfer you must send an email to with the proof of the same, as well as the number of your order.
If the order is not paid within this period, it will be automatically canceled.
The order will only be processed once payment is confirmed.


The calculation of shipping costs depends on the following factors:
- Place to send;
- Actual or volumetric weight of the order;
- Tariffs of carriers (which are periodically updated).
The shipments are made by carriers, being the responsibility for the fulfillment of deadlines and damages in the merchandise of the total responsibility of the same.
- The occurrence of damages in the transport must be communicated to SERVCARROS, Lda. within a maximum period of 24 hours after receipt of the order;
- The possibility of another type of delivery will have to be agreed in advance;
- We only guarantee the delivery in the time provided for orders whose payment was made until 12 noon of the same day.

Suggestions and Complaints

Thinking about you and why we always want to improve and innovate, your opinion is very important for us. So, if you have any suggestions or if you are not satisfied with our services, please let us know about the situation, either by telephone (253 969 120) or by email ( ).

 253 969 120

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